California Club offers AFL players and fans a truly special offer

St Kilda’s only legal bordello

Kevin James, California Club General manager says,

“The AFL football Grand Final week is here and we’ll be rooting for both teams.

Not only have we decorated Melbourne’s largest legal bordello in the colours of the two competing teams, we will also be offering significant discounts to members of either club, those attending the game, and fans in general.”

Anyone bringing in any of the following item will receive $50 discount off any booking:

  • • A Grand Final ticket
  • • A Western Bulldogs OR Sydney Swans membership ticket
  • • Any Western Bulldogs OR Swans scarf, beanie or other merchandise that the client is prepared to leave behind. This will assist us to further decorate our already footified establishment

“This would see the price of a 30-minute booking, during a day shift, at just $90.

We will extend this offer until midnight Sunday night so that players from the big match will have the opportunity to take advantage of this unique offer.

We have rostered on extra staff to deal with the influx of visitors from NSW and the Western Suburbs”, he said.

This offer cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer.

Prostitution is legal in Victoria and a license is required to provide any sexual service for payment. Brothels and escort agencies, as well as sole-operators all need a Sex Work Act (SWA) number to operate legally. Sole-operators can work in pairs and are exempt, subject to approval, from a lot of the licensing requirements and fees payable by businesses. An exempt sole-operator will display an SWA number with an E after it – SWA123E.

Each establishment, agency, or exempt individual is assigned an SWA number which must be displayed in all advertising. Often, those without the appropriate licence advertise themselves as providing massage services, while licensed operators are forbidden by law from using the word massage to describe their services.



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