After many years of exploration, research and training, I have recently taken the position of Master at a Melbourne professional dungeon. For those females who desire guidance in their journey of BDSM and those wanting to take their first steps in the exploration of their submissive or masochistic desires, I offer the safety and professionalism of an experienced Dominant, skilled in psychological control and bondage.

If you desire a gentle introduction, crave to give up the control which you must maintain in your everyday life or perhaps to be handled by someone that knows you are not as fragile as you seem, I look forward to your message. Males are also welcome if they desire to be under the control of another man, either within my ropes, or on the end of my whip.

Couples who desire a Dominant’s guidance in their journey together or a Dominant male’s presence to fulfil their fantasy, are also encouraged to contact me.
As part of your engagement with me, if you’re unsure about what’s possible I’ll help you identify activities you might enjoy, coach you through negotiations in a way that you can use the skills in future and learn how to manage your body’s reaction to the rush of the experience.

I can be engaged either actively or merely in a coaching role. To contact Master Edward