10 Reasons Why Cali Club is the No.1 Brothel in Melbourne

Are you one of many men in Victoria who frequents Melbourne brothels or adult entertainment clubs? If so, surely you will agree, that finding the ideal lady (or ladies) sometimes take time, not to mention, a little trial and error. Also, the venue, the managers and of course the vibe, rooms and reception all play an important role in your overall experience (or “sex-perience” wink, wink). Here are 10 reasons we feel Cali Club is one of Australia’s No. 1 Brothels.

Brothels Melbourne - Attractive Melbourne Sex Worker
California Club is well known for attractive and talented sex workers

No 1. We have carefully vetted ladies

Our highly sought after, talented sex workers are carefully vetted. We boast some of Australia’s hottest service providers.

No 2. We have 2 x private intro rooms

Cali Club boasts 2 private intro rooms for faster introductions, for those not in a hurry, we have a large relaxing lounge and smokers room.

No. 3. We have 18 large rooms in our multi-level bordello

You heard it right, our multi-level Melbourne parlour boasts a staggering 18 rooms. Now you know why we claim to be Melbourne’s biggest brothel.

No. 4. We have a luxury spa suite

Thats right, our Luxury Spa Suite with enormous bed makes the ideal multi-companion party room.

No. 5. The greatest membership benefits in Melbourne

We dare any of the Melbourne brothels, to stack their membership benefits side by side with ours. Not only do our members receive a house free booking on their 10th visit, we offer new and incredibly generous discounts each month. Our monthly offers, promotions and discounts always run for the entire month; meaning huge discounts can be claimed over and over again. Check out our news page to get a glimpse of the brothel discounts.

Join Melbourne's No. 1 Bordello
We guarantee our membership is the best in Melbourne.

No. 6. Our smokers lounge

Our old-school dedicated smoking lounge caters to our smoking gentlemen who like to relax with a cigar.

No. 7. Inhouse displays

Our in-house intro displays keep you up to date with Cali Club news, competitions and member discounts

Melbourne bordello lady seduces man
We don’t want our client’s to miss out on anything.

No. 8. Privacy

We have so many rooms, multiple intro rooms and a private side lane entrance. We simply want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible.

No. 9. Discreet side entrance

You can slip in and out – no pun intended.

No. 10. Location

Based in the heart of St. Kilda on Nepean Hwy, opposite Fitzroy Street and only a short tram or taxi ride from the CBD, our luxury bordello is perfectly located. Try a casual lunch, a glass of wine and stroll in for some relaxing fun.